Without health, all of our dreams will go up in smoke.

We must reach for optimum health, whatever health situation we find ourselves in, it is best for a person to reach for optimum health.


Let’s teach the youth to exercise all their life,  some don’t do many things that would be natural exercise, as people have done in the past.  Play is wonderful exercise for children. Children do not run and play as much as they did in the past, they rather play video games. It is up to us to ensure they run, jump, hop and/or skip, get the picture.  If a child learns a sport when they are young that they can do no matter their age, it will be good for them. Let’s guide them towards learning a sport that they enjoy that can carry them through life or they can carry it through their life, however one wants to look at it.  We will go into more depth later as to why it is so important to move the body.

until next time